Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Hot

Not spending too much time outside today, except this morning, when I took my breakfast outside to check on the garden while I ate. It's going to be a double-watering day, I think...
I've been out to hang laundry, and even that small amount of time left me sweat-soaked.
Took the kids to the library today... didn't go play in the fountain because there were already 900 people in it, baking in the sun. Noooo thanks.
It occurred to me yesterday that in the process of trying to schedule my day, I was putting my 'kid time' right at the time of day when I am at my worst, which is 3pm. Duhh... so I am trying to do it earlier. At least that way, when I start getting crabby in the afternoon, I won't have to feel bad about not playing with them.

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