Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My in-laws took my son with them to great-grandpa's house for dinner today, so I wouldn't have to take him to Coralie's Girl Scout meeting. When they brought him home, he was holding two bananas. This happens every time the kids go there, he always sends them home with bananas or grapes. Anyway, I said 'Why don't you put your bananas in the basket?' His face just crumpled up and he started to cry. I'm thinking 'Ok, this is odd... I can't send him to bed with the bananas...' So my in-laws went home and Keelan and I were standing in the kitchen.
Me-'Keelan, you need to put the banana's down.'
K-'I don't want to.'
Me-'We can't put your jammies on while you're holding those bananas. You need to put them down'.
At this point he's not answering me, just staring at the basket where I want him to put those damn bananas.
Me-'Keelan, please put the bananas down.'
No answer.
Me-'Ok, you are not going to get a story at bedtime if you don't put those bananas away.'
So, with that he gave me a big sigh and rather angrily tossed the bananas in the basket. Now I have to say, this conversation was even odder than the one about the pads!

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