Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today was one of those days where evening arrives and you go 'Wait... did I do anything today??' I lost half of the day standing in the far corner of a gymnasium waiting for people to be interested enough in my son's preschool to come by. Not many did... attendance was lame. Oh well... at least I handed out a few brochures.

Coralie was really being a troll today... she must be feeling better. ;-)

I recently had to take my son with me to the pharmacy for some feminine items. We had this conversation while I was putting on his shoes:

Me- 'Keelan, we need to go to Rite Aid.'
K- 'What for?'
Me- 'I need to buy some things.'
K- 'What kind of things?'
Me- 'Mommy things.'
K- 'What kind of mommy things?'
Me- 'Um, pads.'
K- 'What are pads?'
Me- 'Uhh... they're... umm... for mommies.'
K- 'But what are they for?'
Me- 'They're, uh, just mommy things.'

Fortunately, at this time I was able to distract him from his line of questioning as we were going out the door. I should add that he has seen them before and calls them 'mommy diapers' but I decided that I wasn't going to mention that, lest he yell 'MOMMY DIAPERS!' in the store.
Sorry little dude, I am just not ready to explain all that to you yet.

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tara @ kidz said...

That's how I feel every single day. The hours just zoom by, and I feel like I never get anything productive done!