Friday, January 9, 2009

TGIF, Random Bits

You might wonder why I say 'TGIF' when I am a stay at home parent, but-

1. It's payday
2. It means that The Husband can finally do his share of the parenting duties
most importantly:
3. I don't have to set the alarm clock

I am eternally glad that the kids are now back to their regularly scheduled program... but it is nice to not have any morning obligations. Now, if I could just get those kids to feed themselves in the morning, I'd be good to go.

I've spent every single night for the past week picking nits and looking for hatchlings in my daughter's hair. I am so over this.

I am now shopping for memory for my PC. I had no idea that memory shopping for an older PC was going to be such a nuisance! And expensive too. Plus, I keep getting conflicting reports on how many slots I have- Crucial says I have two. MemoryTen says I have four. I guess I'm just going to have to take the damn thing apart and see... :-( At any rate, I still think I can add memory for less than the price of a new PC. Maybe then it won't take 30 seconds to load a program...

My kids are obsessed with watching 'WALL-E' and watch it every day. Keelan keeps mispronouncing 'EVE' as 'BEAV'. Yeah, you just try to keep a straight face.

Oh, and we had our first successful letterboxing adventure today. We would have done more (the park we were at has 8), but the kids got tired of walking and a little cold. Still, the kids thought it was pretty fun, and we all got exercise.

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