Sunday, December 7, 2008


Eek, what a long day... here I am, sitting up at 11:40 pm waiting for sheets to come out of the dryer so I can change them before I get in bed. And I have to get up at 5:30 am to go do my penance at the gym. See what a good planner I am??

It rained all day today, and the kids were climbing the walls. The Husband had to work today. :-( I do not like his new schedule. Anyway, that meant that I had to take my peeps to the grocery store with me, something I really don't like to do. I do bribe them with a treat, a bottle of chocolate milk in this case, to give them incentive to be at least marginally well behaved. I know, the 'experts' say this is bad... but this is my reality, LOL. Coralie is now interested in being a helper, so I can keep her occupied putting things in the cart. For some reason, Keelan decided he wanted to ride in the cart today, which made things much easier. Usually he wants to walk, which is trouble in a grocery store. He touches everything!

We had our 'Polar Express' train ride yesterday... I hope to get the pictures off the camera tomorrow. Coralie, of course, thought it was the best thing ever... Keelan, loved the train but does not like Santa Claus. So now we are going to have to make sure that 'Santa' brings what Coralie asked for, which was fortunately not a pony :-) but a book. Even though it was (mostly) fun, it was still too late for the kids... they were ok for the first half of the trip, but after Santa left and we were on the ride back to the station, they both started to crash. Of course, their good behavior tends to slip right along with them. Both kids were asleep before we left the parking lot, and we got home at about 11 pm. We are members of Zipcar so we decided to rent a 4WD in case the weather was bad... our car is not so good in nasty weather.

Ooo, sheets are done- time to change the bed so I can get IN it!

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tara @ kidz said...

Your day sounds about like mine. Sometimes I don't even wait for the sheets if I'm too tired. I just throw a blanket over me and call it good. Then after I hit the gym, I come home and have a few cookies. It makes no sense, but this is my routine. Hmmmm maybe that's why I'm not back to my size 6 yet! Maybe.