Thursday, December 4, 2008

Noooo Mo-nay

It is going to be a Penny-Pincher Christmas this year... tea and books, that's what everyone is getting. Buy once, serve many.
Even though it is my intention to have a simpler, more real holiday season, I can still feel my stress level going up. My calendar is filling up with things... preschool meetings, holiday parties, driving way the heck out to Hood River to take the Polar Express... one might ask why we'd drive all that way to sit on a crappy old train for a while, drink too-hot cocoa from a styrofoam cup, and get a ten second visit with Santa. While from my point of view, it seems lame, but to my daughter it's magic. That's the one and only and best reason to make that drive.

I found a bakery in my area that actually delivers. A bread man and a milk man, how cool is that?!

I've been exploring making my own bath products. Probably not facial care stuff, because I buy that from Caren Online and I am happy with that, but bath stuff I can do. I made my own bubble bath today, with some stuff I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. It was reasonably inexpensive, and I ended up with 32 oz of bubble bath. I tried some herb milk bath the other day... it was nice, but it left lots of little herby bits in the tub, so next time I'm going to use a cloth bag.

I am fairly certain that the K man is coming down with a cold. He started coughing last night, and he's had a runny nose going for a while. I kept him home from school today because I am sure he is contagious, unfortunately for the kids at the birthday party we went to yesterday (at which there was no birthday girl, because she started throwing up and had to go home).

I have started knitting again... I finally finished the scarf that I started for my mom two Christmases ago. Then I made myself a cell phone cozy, and now I am working on another scarf. I don't know if I will ever graduate to something more complex, I like knitting one piece items.

I think I'll go kick the peeps outside, since the sun is out and they have been sitting in front of the boob tube for too long today.

grrr, baby, grrr

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tara @ kidz said...

I think that is an excellent idea! And hello - cute pic of your boy! grrr.... =)