Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting Buggy With It

So we've had this recent problem with Coralie complaining of an itchy head. Of course my first thought is 'Oh no, lice!!' But when I checked her head, I couldn't find any lice or nits, just some very very tiny mite-looking things. She had a lot of bites on her neck also. Of course, some psychological itching followed for Hubby and me. Well, now I have them too. We still can't figure out what they are, except they don't appear to be lice. At any rate, I bought a lice comb and have been following Coralie around with it today, as well as combing my own hair with it. I already feel less itchy. Psychological? Maybe... but most definitely GROSS and CREEPY.

On a less itchy note, it's New Year's Eve. The Hubby and I are chilling at home and the kids are at grandma & grandpa's. We are such party animals. Zzz...

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