Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, miss Jasmine is back at the vet today... I took her for a weigh in because she had lost some weight prior to her dental surgery, and we were hoping she'd gain it back once her mouth healed. Well, she didn't, despite a healthy appetite. Not only that, but after the tech took her back to get weighed, she came out and said 'Did you know that she had a big wound on her stomach?' Uhhh... no. So, we went into an exam room, and they rolled Jasmine over and she has a *humongous* wound on her tummy. It's mostly scabbed, but it's really big. Man, I feel like the worlds worst pet owner!! I didn't notice because I don't pick her up... she hates to be picked up. So, she is spending some quality time at the vet, so they can figure out what it is. It might be some kind of hyper-response by her immune system to a secondary infection from her mouth infection. In which case, she will need three Cortisone shots and more antibiotics. Good times, they are a-comin'...

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