Monday, May 19, 2008


I am actually somewhat pleased that we are supposed to be getting some relief from the 90+ degree weather. Kids, you know, don't feel temperature the same way as adults, so they were all about playing outside in the sprinkler. Which meant a lot of sitting outside in the heat for me.

In a serious case of the worst timing ever, I got my windows tinted on Friday. Yay, except I can't roll my windows down for a week. And I can't take my car through the automatic car wash for two weeks. Another good reason for it to rain.

Keelan has decided that farting while sitting on the potty is the most hilarious thing ever. So today, he just wanted to stay on there, to see if he could fart more. Truly, he is his father's son...

I rearranged the bedroom furniture today, without telling my husband. Tee hee. We'll see if he trips over the bed.

I had one of those days today, where my patience was just gone. Not surprisingly, Coralie reacted accordingly by being a troll. Today, the drama was that she wanted to play outside in the sprinkler, and couldn't find her swimsuit. And of course, she couldn't just go out in shorts and a tee shirt. It devolved into her being snotty and telling me to go find her swimsuit. We had a time out and a tantrum over that one. Sometimes, she is just not that flexible. *sigh*

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