Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Irony of Nature

This morning I found a mouse in my house (hey, it rhymes!), scurrying back and forth in front of my family room door. I opened the door, so I could try to find something to catch it with. It was acting oddly confused (poisoned, maybe) because it kept kind of going in circles and not trying very hard to hide from me. I did eventually catch it in a basket and took it outside. I released it near the end of my front yard, because there are bushes there. Instead of going into the bushes, it turned, ran down the sidewalk for half a block and into the street! My kids and I watched it make sort of confused circles right in the middle of the street, and I was figuring that it was going to be someones snack soon if it didn't hide. Then at that moment... some birds ate it.

Oh well, so much for my good deed. :-)

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