Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Call This Spring Break??

We spent our spring break in Pacific City. It's pretty much where we always go for family trips because it's easy, cheap, and the kids like it. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it) Little did we know that we'd be hit with every possible weather phenomenon except a hurricane over the course of 4 days. Rain, hail, snow, wind, a tiny bit o' sun, COLD. So pretty much we grownups froze our asses off whenever we went out, but the kids had a GREAT time. We all ate a mind boggling volume of snack food, which I will spend the next few months trying to work off. It's vacation, who the hell wants to worry about calories?? Never mind that I spent two nights trying to go to sleep with heartburn and nausea because of what I ate...

Hey, what happened to SPRING??

Mmm... S'Mores.

That white stuff is HAIL

Here's what it looked like 10 minutes out of Pacific City...

We'll probably be taking another trip this summer, to use the vacation time that The Husband already took off because I was supposed to be taking my daughter to YWCA family camp. The family camp that filled up within HOURS of opening registration. It's family camp! Not a fricking rock concert! What's the deal?! Anyway, I got on the waiting list but we decided to try to get a fancy yurt at one of the state parks for that week. The fancy yurts have a kitchenette and bathroom, which will be a must since we will probably have a little dude in training at that time.
Today, I observed Earth Hour. Actually, right at the moment, Earth Two Hours... the kids actually thought it was cool to have all the lights out and candles going. I'm thinking maybe we should have an Earth Hour every week... having not watched any TV this evening or done anything stressful or busy has left me feeling quite relaxed and hopeful for a good nights sleep. I'm trying not to think about all the things I have to do tomorrow...
So, I'll leave with these:
What do you mean, how many S'Mores have I had??

Strawberries? What strawberries??

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