Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random Bits

Well, it's been a long time!

It's Sunday. It's 33 degrees out, which in my little section of the universe, is *cold*. I've had the wood stove going since lunchtime today. We had a wee bit o' snow today, but only about 10 flakes that stuck for approximately one minute. The kids were supremely excited about it though.

The squirrels are getting fat on dried corn (I'm putting out 2-3 cobs a day now). I had a hummingbird at my feeder today. Anna's Hummingbirds winter over here.
I've been slowly getting my holiday decor in order...

My abstract 'trees', affectionately dubbed the 'Christmas Cones' LOL
This started out as pure laziness (didn't feel like tying the garland to the rail) but I think it turned out quite nice. Plus, you can actually see where you're going at night! Hmm... maybe I'll just leave it up all year...

And because I have an insanely small mantel over my fireplace, I figured I'd save myself the frustration and colorful language of trying to decorate a tiny strip of bricks without everything falling off, by decorating my lady over the fireplace instead. This picture really doesn't do it justice at all...

We got our 'kicker' check the other day (basically we have a law, in hindsight not an entirely wise one, that if the state general fund has a surplus of collected income taxes, they have to give it back. Even though we have schools and programs with no money). Excelleint timing too, because we don't get paid for another week and the bank account is looking lean. I have been saving on groceries, and canceled some services. I expect we'll have enough to pay for someone to come and clean the house each week... I found someone on craigslist who has reasonable rates. Basically, since I've been home, The Husband has excused himself from voluntarily doing chores (he will if I tell him to), and I can't keep this house out of the dumps all by myself. So, I just asked her to do basic cleaning, floors, bathrooms, etc.

Christmas shopping is mostly done, yay. I'm still working on our adopt-a-family, but I don't have too much left there to get. Short list this year.

I've been slowly, steadily, purging clutter and garbage from the house as I go about my daily business. It has made me feel so good to see those things go, and it makes it easier to keep things at least marginally tidy.

Spread the word, we have people here who really need
help. We're lucky, we were not in a flood area, but many people were devastated by the storms. It's a good thing we came home a day early from Ft. Stevens, otherwise we would have been stuck at the coast!

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