Monday, October 15, 2007

Countdown to No Job

It's going to be a long week I think, since my last day at work is Friday... I expect time to drag its feet mightily. Last day of work Friday *and* the Interpol show!

My friend is doing better so far this week... the visitation issues at the hospital have now been resolved, so she can now visit him in the hospital (without sneaking in late at night after the rest of the family has gone LOL). He's expected to get out of the hospital at the end of this week. When I talked to her today, she sounded pretty good. Plus, she had a job interview last week and is feeling pretty optimistic about it.

I planned a 'Parent's Night Out' for the other parents at Coralie's school, and.... one person showed up. Hoo wee! I know how to party!! Actually, it was alright, I had a good time talking to the lady and I got a couple of hours of relief from the kids. So, not a rip-roaring success but not a total bust either. I will probably try again after the holidays.

So we've been presented with some interesting news... my husbands grandfather says that he intends to give us his house when he moves out. I personally didn't think he'd ever actually *move* out, I've always assumed he'd probably just die in that house. Anyway, I guess he's been thinking about putting his wife in a nursing home, and isn't sure he wants to stay in the house by himself. This idea made us pretty excited at first, and the house is quite a bit bigger than our house, but then there's the reality... the house is old. It needs a new roof, new windows, new carpet, and interior paint (grasscloth wallpaper, anyone?). The kitchen is a bit dumpy, and needs a complete overhaul and new appliances. The house is on a hill, so there are some seriously steep and dangerous cement stairs from the front yard down to the back yard, so those would have to be gated off. So, most of the money we might get from the sale of our house would have to be spent on fixing the other house. However, then there's the other major upside: no house payment. We couldn't even just sell his grandfathers house, because of all the stuff it needs, so if we end up with it, it would just make more sense to live in it. So, we'll see how it plays out, I guess... we don't expect anything to happen soon, although I am hoping that it will happen before Coralie starts elementary school. I really don't relish the idea of moving her from one school to another. I'd much rather just start her at the school she's going to stay in. It's all a very intriguing possibility right now...

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