Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweet, Sweet, Music

The Muse concert was last Monday, and it was *fantastic*. The opening band, not so much... did you know Juliette Lewis has a band? No? Well, there you go... but the main show more than made up for it. Wow! Next up, Interpol on October 19th!

On Monday I'll be flying to Palm Springs (what a bummer, eh?) to visit my grandma. I haven't seen my grandma for a long, long time. I'm only going to be there for a few days, and my grandma is house-bound, so I probably won't get to see much outside the house while I'm there. That's okay, though, since this might be the last time I see her. (*sad*) She doesn't have any chronic disease, other than chronic pain problems, but since grandpa died she's just sort of been wasting away. We thought that she probably wouldn't have too many years left after he was gone... they were so close, it's hard to imagine what her life must be like without him.

The Husband has a (not-much-anticipated) meeting this week regarding the proposed shift changes... the union is *pissed*. The union rep sent a well-written nasty-gram to the manager, and copied it to all of the staff members on the floor. I think the union was open to the idea of the shift change, if management could show that it was needed and in the best interest of the patients, but then the (pinhead) manager made the mistake of telling my husband and some of the other nurses that if they didn't consent to the shift change that they would be demoted. Helloooo! Against the law! She also got into a confrontation with two of the other nurses because they told the union rep about it. Also against the law. Be interesting to see if she keeps her job after this... The Husband thinks that probably the hospital will back off now. We'll see...

At work, we're in the process of transitioning to a new computer system, and one of my coworkers is on vacation (we're a department of three). Major, major stress. Hopefully when she gets back, things will smooth out, because right now I'm feeling more and more like I really don't want to work. :-/ Happy. Pills. Not. Helping... Recovering from Aunt Flo complicating matters...

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