Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Uh huh

Keelan got his first real time-out today. For hitting me. Repeatedly. For about 10 minutes.
Also today, banging his head on the front picture window... standing on the recliner, and jumping on the couch. So, the games begin!

New carpet went in last week, yay... Coralie peed on it yesterday, boo.
The new carpet is caramel colored... funny how I now see that before kids I would have been like, 'Brown carpet? Hell no!' and now I'm like, 'Brown? Sweet!'
We paid extra for the carpet pad with a moisture barrier on the top so liquids (ie, pee) don't go down into the pad and into the sub-floor. Thank God for that.
Carpet layers, they are a strange breed. The 3 they sent, not the sharpest tools in the shed. And one of them cut the end of his finger off while trimming the carpet. He went out, got a bandage, and continued working. One of the other guys said, 'I aint never got stitches. I jus' tape it back on'. And I believe him. Aaaaa!

I am sending the signed contract back to the contractor to start our kitchen remodel in June... I'm so excited to finally get this done! Now, if The Husband can remember to call the bank about the loan...

We decided to take a short vacation in early June, before the kitchen work begins. So we thought that it might be fun to try staying in a yurt (since we did the cabin last year, and our level of insanity has not reached a point where we will tent camp with the kids). I did some research yesterday, and I kid you not, *every yurt on the Oregon coast is booked on the days we want*. Yurts! All of them! So, thankfully, Cape Kiwanda still had room for us, so back to the cabin we go.

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