Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Last Saturday I had a long-awaited appointment with the tattoo lady... I had this tattoo on my upper arm that I got when I was 19, that I just didn't care for any more. So, I got it covered up with two Hibiscus flowers. On Sunday when I took the bandage off, I discovered Complication #1: I am allergic to my new tattoo. Sunday and Monday, I got redness, heat, and swelling down to my elbow. Tuesday, I got blisters. And itching. Oh.My.God. The itching!! Tuesday night, redness travels past my elbow. Wednesday, I call the Dr. Dr. decides I have Complication #2: infection. So, here is what is supposed to be the solution:
Clarinex (I already take for my allergies) in the am, antibiotic twice a day (one that makes me photo-sensitive, yay), double dose of Zantac (it blocks a different histamine than Benadryl or Clarinex) and Benadryl before bed. The doctor and the pharmacist all assure me that it is okay for me to take all these things.
Tattoo artist feels bad that this happened, but, eh, it was the risk I took. I knew it was a possibility when I decided to have it done.
I'll post a picture when I don't look like a leper any more. :-)

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