Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's the Non-Answer Answer! Yay!

I went back to see my cute-but-undeniably-nerdy ENT today. First I had the VNG test- which was pretty much wearing some dorky goggles with cameras in them, starting at lights, and having cold air blown into my ears. So the ENT said that it confirmed that I have an ear problem and not a brain problem. (Well, not one causing dizziness anyway LOL) Unfortunately, it still didn't give me a diagnosis. He said that it was 'suggestive' of Meniere's, but the definitive test for that is called an ECOG. So, pretty much they're going to stick an electrode in my ear, yay. He did prescribe me some allergy meds, since my allergies just started up yesterday with a vengeance. Evidently allergies can also cause fullness in the ear, so perhaps my allergies are causing that, but we'll see once I get on the allergy meds.

Shopping!! : I ordered this bag, and these grocery bags. Still waiting for Coralie's new dollhouse to come, and hopefully my new Palm will arrive from Dell this week (or Monday). I ordered a few things from Lillian Vernon, but nothing too exciting, just household things. One of those was a hanging toiletry bag, so we can stop taking multiple ziploc bags full of toiletries when we go on vacation.

We spent Sunday ripping out all of the pantry shelving and installing new Elfa shelving from The Container Store. I hope to have before and after pics up soon (whoo-wee, exciting!!) as soon as I unearth the rest of the kitchen from the mess we made LOL. At least the pantry is organized. :-)

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