Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I done been lazy lately about blogging... I keep finding good things to watch on TV.

The snow is all gone now... it's been in the upper 40's, and my tropical plant that's chillin' in the garage is putting out new growth already.

I think I am getting back on track food-wise. I have actually been a little worried about the fact that I've lost 6 lbs over the last two weeks. Normally I wouldn't complain, especially since I am now 4 lbs away from my goal, but it's odd. Particularly since I've been visited by Aunt Flo during that time, and I usually gain a little. I have been having a fair amount of nausea, so I've been eating less. If things don't straighten out soon I will probably call the doctor.
Foot pain, elbow pain, headaches, nausea... I am going to be 32 in a couple of weeks and already shit is falling apart.

The Husband is applying for a different position within the hospital. If he gets the job, it will put him on a Monday through Friday day shift, which will mean a pay cut (no shift differential and no charge nurse differential). It will also mean I have to quit working. Even so, I cannot even tell you how exciting it is... I have wished he would work a regular day shift for *years*. So the possibility is coming around, finally. He really needs a change... things are getting bad on the floor he's on, and because of his position he often ends up being the scapegoat. He hasn't been happy for some time.

Speaking of The Husband, todays 'What the Hell Alternate Universe do you Reside in?' bit originates from him-
The backstory is that we are currently in a bit of a financial pinch. I pay all the bills, so he rarely sees what's in the bank. He nearly fainted when I actually showed him what our current bank balance was. I have also been nagging him for years to pack a damn lunch and stop buying it at work every day (it costs anywhere from $5-$10 a day for him to eat in the cafeteria, 5 days a week). So yesterday he says:

'Well, I've been thinking... maybe to save money I could start taking my own lunch to work.'

As if this is some novel idea! Wow!
Boys are funny!

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Emma Sometimes said...

ask your doc about a colon cleanse. hehe. I actually did a parasite cleanse about a year ago and lost 14lbs total but I already knew I was full of it.