Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello Blog!

It is too damn cold here for me. My weather widget says it's 29 degrees. I took the kids to the park this afternoon... after about 20 minutes, I looked at Keelan, and his hands were blue. Hello, time to go! We've nicknamed him Frankenboy because of the way he walks with his snow boots on.

We had some icy weather last week... one of my coworkers, who has a crumb-sized work ethic, came in late, without calling (on a day that it did *not* snow) and told another coworker that she 'slept in because she thought it was going to snow'. Yes, can I remind you that this is YOUR JOB?!
WTF?? Today she came in late ('headache'), but didn't call until she was an hour and a half late already. She said she didn't call sooner because she 'forgot'. I should add that management is aware of this problem, yet it continues. I LOVE MANAGEMENT.

New favorite show:
Surgery Saved My Life. Nickelback as the theme song makes it extra sweet. (Suck it, haters!) God, I am such a nerd.

I also got a new ring for my phone... Mr. T saying 'PICK UP THE PHONE FOOL! THIS AINT YO MOMMA CALLIN'!' I can't wait until that goes off in the office. Tee hee.

We're in the beginning stages of shopping for a vehicle to replace our Exploder... this has to be something functional, so we're actually looking a used Volvo wagons. Yeah, not much in the aesthetic department, but still nicer than that rattletrap that we're driving now. Plus, BONUS given to any vehicle that gets more than 13 mpg. I'm looking forward to a vehicle that is insulated enough to allow me to hear the radio on the freeway. What the hell is that like? Even my Tib is pretty loud on the freeway... maybe it's the low-profile tires.

I recently finished Parenting With Love & Logic, and have now started Parenting the Strong-Willed Child. Good reading! Actually, since reading 'Parenting With Love & Logic', and trying to implement some of those ideas, I have noticed a difference. Less arguing and time-outs? I'LL TAKE IT!

Well, that's all for now!

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