Saturday, December 16, 2006


We went to the Christmas tree farm and chopped our own tree today... we actually were able to get a tall one this year, about 7 feet. Not the most 'environmentally concious' thing to do, I suppose, but it is a fun thing to do with the kids. I'm not a *total* hippie all the time.

Coralie had her Spiral Walk and dessert social at school this evening. She did well, although she did need to be guided by the teacher on her way back to the beginning of the spiral with her lit candle. We were a little out of place, because I dressed Coralie in magenta velvet pants and her 'patience tester' shirt (lol) and everyone else was dressed up. Ah well... they didn't mention anything about attire in any of the memos. At least I wore makeup LOL.

Keelan has developed a nice cough. He doesn't have any other symptoms, but he's really hacking. It's tight and dry so he barks a little. He's sleeping okay, at least.

Coralie's birthday party is TOMORROW. I didn't have to do anything except send out the invitations. The place where we're having it took care of the rest. It's so awesome, except I feel like I should be doing something...

Oh, and it was windy here the other day. We were fortunate that we didn't lose power. Yay for underground lines. Lots of tree damage around town though.
Today a power sub-station went up in flames, but we weren't affected. (Fingers crossed) :-)

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