Sunday, October 8, 2006


Yesterday we drove to Hood River and drove around the fruit loop. We purchased some Forelle pears, Winter Banana apples, and white peaches. We also got giant cookies, Marionberry pretzels, Hazelnut apple pancake mix, Lavender honey and a bottle of Lavender hydrosol.

I have reached a 15 lb weight loss now... I must say I am really enjoying being able to go into my closet and pull out two matching items without having to think about whether or not I'm too fat to wear it. Right now, everything fits. I'm feeling better about the *way* things fit and I'm a little less self-concious. Although, having had two kids, I will never again wear a bikini, no matter how thin I get LOL. Ooo, that sagging skin is so gross.

That's about it for now, since it's midnight now I think I'll go to bed... :-)

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