Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I had a followup appointment with my doctor yesterday regarding the antidepressants. In light of the fact that I am not having any side effects, and I *think* they might be helping (or maybe I'm just over analyzing LOL) he suggested that I continue to take them. I also had a gross wart on my finger that I can't seem to get rid of (despite the over the counter treatments I tried, and finally just ripping it off... which was quite painful and still the little shit came back!) which the Dr. looked at and said 'I'll go get the chainsaw.' Hee. At any rate, he froze it and just as a heads up, that *really* hurts. Not like childbirth, but still...

Keelan woke up from a very late nap (6:30 pm!) with a fever. :-( It was so late, I went out and got a burrito for the kids to share... the K-man was so whimper-y and clingy. He had a temp of about 101.
Coralie was being a bit of a butt today... I ended up having to put her to bed with no story (which I hate to do, BTW) but she kept shushing me every time I asked her to do something-
Me- 'Coralie,you need to put your jammies on'
Coralie- 'SHH!'
It was late and my patience ran out, so off to bed she went.

On a more positive note, one of the other playgroup moms had her baby this morning. A 6 lb baby boy, yay! We were just at her house yesterday, and she went into labor *right* after we left... how weird is that!

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bella said...

Hope the little one feels better soon.
I'm glad the meds are working.