Monday, August 21, 2006

Do Not Adjust Your TV Set

No, it is not a scene from 'Arachnophobia'... it was in Coralie's room when I went to put her to bed. It nearly gave me a heart attack, but I managed to say 'Oh my goodness!' instead of 'HOLY SHIT!' Now, if it had been just a little one I probably would have grabbed it with some TP and flushed it. However, if it's big enough to squirt guts when I kill it, then I choose LIFE. I caught it with a glass and a piece of cardboard and released it's creepy ass outside.(Only to find a way back in, I'm sure.)

In Other News- went to the doctor today, talked about meds. He prescribed Prozac. He said despite all of the different anti-depressants out now, he feels it is still the safest one. He explained the different types of drugs, and explained the potential side effects of Prozac. Including, unfortunately, the INCREDIBLE DISSAPPEARING LIBIDO! Yikes! I can't afford to lost what little I have left! At any rate, it takes a number of weeks to get the cumulative effects of the medicine, so I have a followup appointment next month.


bella said...

Holy Spider, that was gross.

Umm, I have nothing against Prozac, but, I telling you, look into Wellbutrin. The side effect you speak of does not exist.. in fact, it gets better, which I think is a good thing.

Dorkydad said...

And I'm no doctor, but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. A friend who spent several years going through various meds finally settled on Paxil, and the only side affect for him has been wacky sleep patterns. Of course you have kids, so you're used to that!

haggardmom said...

Bella- LOL, improved libido would be most excellent! Actually, my Dr. did mention Wellbutrin, but it is a different type of drug. Prozac acts on Seratonin levels, and Wellbutrin acts on Dopamine. I think if nothing happens with Prozac, that will likely be the next choice.

Dorky dad- I think the reason my Dr. didn't suggest Paxil was because I don't have any anxiety symptoms... although I know sometimes people take it for depression alone as well.