Saturday, July 15, 2006

Random Musing

I've been remiss in my posting... :-)

I saw something today that I hope I never see again: a 300 lb woman in a brown camo tube top. Unfortunately, I had to see this at a restaraunt. :-(

Two other things that just seem wrong: 1. Pimped out 1993 Saturn- with GOLD WIRE WHEELS!
2. Pimped out Geo Metro, complete with tires that extend
at least 4 inches from the side of the car. DUDE!

I'm finally feeling better... I seem to be back at my normal level of lethargy. :-)

Keelan was having one of those evenings where he was like 'LIKE HELL I'm going to bed!' One of those times where food, beverage, and various medications did NOT work. He was screaming when I left for the grocery store at 8 pm and he was still screaming when I came back 45 minutes later. Eventually the meds took hold, I guess, and then he was a little live wire! Chatting and crawling all over me... as soon as I saw him start cuddling his blanket I put him to bed and that was finally the end of it.

We're finally planning our first attempt at a real family vacation (one prior attempt before Keelan's conception- trapped in a camper with an almost-two-year old. Tempting? DON'T DO IT) for the end of August. We're going to... (drumroll please)
Pacific City!
Exciting, I know, but we're trying to be reasonable in that if something goes wrong or the kids turn into trolls, we can (if necessary) still go back home. Plus, cheap camping cabins at Cape Kiwanda! Anyway, I went out on a limb and requested 4 days 3 nights... I wanted to try for a 'vacation' and not just a 'long weekend'. I'm waiting to hear back regarding the reservation, so hopefully they aren't booked.

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Amy Linder said...

Congrats on the vacation - I hope it comes through for you. We have vacation in 2 weeks, but we're not going anywhere. In fact, my Hubby will be working alot, helping his dad (with home repairs and such) and doing some home repair of our own. We can't wait 'til October for our real vacation - the cruise!

Take care.

Amy :)