Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, I have a viral infection in my 'balance center'... so I stayed home from work today. On Monday I had to have my husband pick me up from work because I couldn't drive. It's like a bad case of the bed spins, but without the pleasure of imbibing alcohol. My in-laws took the grumps, er, I mean kids, overnight. Last night was really bad in the evening, so today when I started feeling bad in the afternoon I called them to come get the kids. At least they'll get out of the house and get some attention. I probably won't drive to work tomorrow, just in case, and I canceled my gym and mental health appointments for this week. Per the doctors office, it could take up to two weeks to resolve but usually doesn't take that long. The nurse said, 'Try to get lots of rest and try not to move around too much'. Ha! Funny joke, I have two little kids!
Anyway, that's what I'm up to... time for bed now, before my head floats off of my body...

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C.R.M. said...

It's Friday. I hope you are feeling better. Get plenty of rest this weekend and don't over do it.