Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Such Nice Weather Today

Today was a beautiful day... I was feeling lazy, so we went for fast-food mexican for dinner. I had a veggie burrito (probably too many calories LOL) and the kids shared a bean burrito on a wheat tortilla. After Keelan went to bed, Coralie and I sat outside and had a scoop of chocolate soy ice cream with a big blob of Cool Whip.

We played outside for awhile today, but the yard isn't terribly safe at the moment. Our neighbor is having her fence replaced, which includes the side between her house and ours. So, not only is there no fence there at the moment, the guys had to move a bunch of junk that was by the fence on our side into our yard. I told hubby to move the stuff, but he said he thought he didn't need to move anything. I was kindof embarassed that the fence guys had to do it.
So much to do in the yard this summer... the deck needs staining, and I want to tidy up the deck area because it accumulates stuff and ends up looking dumpy. Plus, I saw today that the pond pump is clogged again, so I'll have to ask my man to pull some more algae out of it.

So far, I'm down a total of 5 lbs. I feel better already! LOL

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