Sunday, June 4, 2006

Moving Forward (A Little)

I was talking with a friend today, who had a baby in February and is feeling down because she's still carrying around her baby weight. It made me really think about the fact that I'm only down a few pounds from the weight that I was right after I had Keelan, and he's almost *1*. So with that in mind, I updated my eDiets account and changed my diet plan to the Glycemic Impact diet, electing also to exclude red meat. I printed out my meals for the week and hung them up on the whiteboard in the kitchen.

I went grocery shopping today... I can't even remember how many weeks have gone by since my last full shopping trip. Lately I've just been getting a few things at a time because it's nearly impossible to make a big shopping trip with the children in attendance. It's nice to open the pantry and see FOOD. LOL Now when Coralie asks for a snack, I don't have to say 'how about some canned tomatoes?'.

Today was supposed to be my cleaning day, but hubby didn't keep the children out of the house long enough... I spent quite a bit of my time filling out form after form after form for Coralie's school. I'm going to have to schedule her for the dreaded Hepatitis shot she needs. (That she did not get at her checkup in February because she was too busy doing a mighty imitation of Damien) So I only got partway through cleaning the kitchen (not for 5 hours though LOL)... it's mostly clean, I just didn't get to the floors yet. That's okay, really, because Keelan is just going to throw food on them tomorrow anyway. :-)

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bella said...

good for you! i always feel a sense of accomplishment after a good grocery trip and a clean kitchen. little things like that make me happy.
good luck on the GI thing!! I'll see you over at Gouda Lite!!