Saturday, June 3, 2006


Went to Kohls for retail therapy. Bought two new bras... nice bras (but functional, not slutty LOL), vs the ugly Playtex bras with the granny straps that I usually get. Victoria's Secret is for people with small boobs, which I don't have. Last time I into one of their stores, they didn't even have anything larger than a C. I allowed myself to buy some halter tops, although I will need to lose the jelly roll before I'll be wearing them without a cardigan. Went to the Powell's near my house and bought:

Everyday Vegan
eDiets book
The End- Wolverine and
The Return of the Bunny Suicides (seriously laughed my ass off at this one, which I needed!)

Hubby also bought me Origin which I read earlier today.

I'm feeling most interested in the glycemic index diet offered by eDiets... after reading the eDiets book, it seems most like the way I eat now (minus the junk LOL) so probably easier to stick to... will check it out.

One of hubby's friends sent him this... bring back any memories? LOL

For the first time in nearly two years, I am not wearing a bra to bed. (TMI prob'ly) It feels really weird!

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