Friday, May 26, 2006

O TV, Numb My Brain

For the first time in *weeks*, I just sat and stared at TV... 'Dr. G', 'Honey We're Killing the Kids', and 'Animal Cops San Francisco'. 'Survivorman' was a rerun today.

Coralie pooped on the potty this afternoon (yay) but proceeded to have nothing but accidents after that. I told her to get herself cleaned up, which of course ended in a tantrum because she ran out of wipes and poo all over the bathroom. *sigh* I've been having her clean up the messes (as best she can) in the hope that she'll get tired of cleaning up her own poo and thus go on the toilet with more regularity (no pun intended). Heh, lucky for hubby, it's his turn to clean the bathroom this weekend. :-)

I recently purchased some Bare Feet lotion... I love this lotion! I've been looking for a long time for a foot lotion that actually works and is not greasy.

Weather was really shitty today... it was cold enough that I actually turned on the heat. We've gone from 80 to 60. And lots of RAIN. The other day I went outside during a brief respite from the rain to cut some flowers, and Coralie followed me outside with no pants and no shoes on LOL. Kids! They just don't feel the cold.

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