Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baby's Got a Brand New Ride

A lime green and navy umbrella stroller to replace the $15 piece of crap that somehow survived 3 years of use before finally giving up the goat. I won't say how much I spent on this one, but it's worth every penny. :-)

Some critters we saw at the nature park today:
A newt

Some big snails....
Coralie asked me to take pictures of some slugs to but I said no. :-)
We moved all of the snails and the newt off of the path so they wouldn't get stepped on. Yes, I touched the newt, no it wasn't slimy. (I did use hand sanitizer afterward LOL)


bella said...

that's an awesome stroller - i almost bought the pink one for my sister. expensive, yes - but like you said - worth every penny. and so stylish!
the kids look cute!

Allie D. said...

Man... I wish I'd had something stylish like that when mine were still riding in strollers.

Wait... I just said they weren't riding in strollers anymore. I suddenly feel at both turns depressed and elated. What a funny feeling! lol