Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I finally got the correct memory card for my new cell phone so I can transfer photos from the phone to my computer. It's about the size of my fingernail, so we'll see how long it takes before I or my daughter loses it LOL.
While I was at Best Buy, I also got the new Godsmack CD. It's a good album. My only complaint is that this is the second CD that I have purchased as of late that has swearing but no language warning (Nickelback was the other one). While I'm certainly not offended by foul language, I am careful about what I listen to around the kids. My daughter is quite a repeater.
Speaking of which, Coralie's new favorite way to drive me crazy:
'What are you doing mom?'
'Washing dishes.' (or some other mundane, plainly obvious activity)
(30 seconds later) 'What are you doing mom?'
'Same thing I was doing 30 seconds ago.'
(Now I try ignoring her when she asks again)
'What are you doing mom?What are you doing mom?What are you doing mom?What are you doing mom?' until finally-
'Are you washing dishes?'

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