Monday, April 3, 2006

All Hail Big Lots!

Coralie was pining for cheese crackers today, so I decided that it would be reasonably safe to take both kids to Big Lots to see if they had any... since the one I go to is never busy in the early afternoon, it makes for an easier shopping trip with the kids than the grocery store. And cheaper too- for $22 I got:

A box of Smart Start cereal
A box of Goldfish crackers
A box of Raisin Bran cereal bars
A box of Earths Best organic instant oatmeal
A set of garden tools
And a decorative garden stake

Not bad...

I planted my Peonies today- I hope they like the spot I picked. Our yard is mostly clay, so it takes a long time for things to get established. A couple of years ago we bought some plants from Cistus and the guy there said that most things will grow ok in clay but it takes a long time for them to establish a good root system. I keep bearing that in mind because the yellow Tree Peony that I bought from them is 2 years old now and has never flowered. :-(

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