Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Well, There's Always Tomorrow...

Today was a Potty Disaster day. Coralie wore her new underwear but flat out refused to go to the bathroom on the potty... she sat on it for 30 minutes this afternoon watching TV but no go. She had a few accidents. I finally had to put a pull up on her so she could go to a cousins birthday party with my in-laws. Will try again tomorrow. I go back and forth with myself about how firm to be on this issue... I don't want to give her a complex about going to the bathroom, or her to get a bladder infection from trying to hold it... but I also think that it's totally a control thing, and right now she is resistant to anything even remotely new. I think about the issue we had with the shower at the pool. She was practically having panic attacks over having to get in the shower, but I had to make her do it because of the pool rules. After about three weeks, she now gets into the shower quite voluntarily. I think that the major issue here (with the potty) is that she's now out of her comfort zone, and I've taken the choice away (no diapers, except at naps and bedtime) so she's trying to exert control by holding her pee. I feel like I just have to grit my teeth and wait it out, just a little longer.

Keelan's appointment with the neurosurgeon is tomorrow. It's a good thing I asked the gal who called to confirm his appointment if they had recieved his x-ray, because they hadn't. I called the pediatrician's office, and it was just a little SNAFU on their end and I was able to go pick up the film today. I must admit, I had to read the report and peek at the film... the report says it's the S1 vertebra, but all I could see on the x-ray was that one of the lower vertebra has kindof a funny shape. I have no idea if that's the S1 or not, I guess we'll find out tomorrow when we go see the real expert LOL.

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