Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thank Heaven for Small Favors

For some reason, Keelan woke up an hour after he went to bed, SHRIEKING... he proceeded to scream and attempt to throw himself backwards off of my lap for about 20 minutes. I finally nursed him, and he finally crapped out and went to sleep. Not sure what the deal there was... maybe he ate too much cheese today and has cramps. Boob cures everything. :-)
In the meantime, I had left Coralie on my bed with the Discovery Channel on (she had her Veggie Tales revoked earlier for not pooping on the potty and really being a troll about it) and when I finally came back she was sound asleep. So asleep, in fact, that I got her underwear off, pull-up on, hair tie out, and transferred to her own bed without waking her up enough to care. I didn't put a sippy of water in bed with her, so I guess we'll see if I get a midnight visitor asking for a cup.
Tomorrow after Coralie and I get back from her playgroup, I'm leaving her at home and taking Keelan (aka Mr. Busybody, aka Action Man) up to my mom & dad's... It has been a few weeks since we've seen them and they haven't seen him since he started crawling. It will actually still be a bit of a break for me, since hubby will have to deal with the Drama Queen (including the Potty Drama) for awhile. Actually, she has made a lot of progress, and now goes to the potty on her own to pee most of the time. It's the poo we have problems with...


bella said...

Yes, the boob cures everything! LOL. Cool Stila products a few posts down - I've been reading but super busy! Coralie seems to be getting the hang of this potty thing- that's great! One thing to keep an eye on is her wiping. Angie felt like a big girl going by herself - but because she wasn't a good wiper, she ended up with a UTI. Those wet flushable wipes are great for my peace of mind! Have fun at your parents!

carmen said...

Oh how I don't miss the potty training stages. But it looks like you have a great start which is the first step. Have a happy Sunday.