Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Random Musing

Things a mom never wants to hear during a grocery shopping trip that cannot be aborted because 1. I have nothing to make for dinner and 2. I am alone, with both kids, and I left Coralie's backpack with clean clothes in the car:

(in the dairy aisle)

(after I race to the front of the store to get in line, only to find 10 customers and 2 checkers)
Unfortunately, she was not lying...

I'm actually starting to like going to the gym. That is the weirdest thing I've ever said.

I busted my ass getting my kitchen and living room tidy and clean because my friend was coming over so we could go work on her baby registry and have lunch, only to have her not show up and call me an hour later to tell me her day had basically gone to hell in a handbasket and she just couldn't get herself together. (wow, now THAT'S a run-on sentence!) Not that my house should only be clean for company, but I still felt ripped off...

On the same note, don't buy a Floor Mate. I got one for Christmas, only to be disappointed. It won't pick up cheerios very well, which is a must in a household with a cheerio-loving baby, and it doesn't scrub that well either. I have yet to try it with a different cleaner, maybe it's their cleaner that sucks. Anyway, I ended up having to go back with my regular vacuum to get the cheerios, and re-mop the whole floor with my Swiffer Wet Jet. So I spent twice as long on the kitchen floor as I would have ordinarily.

Now I'm going to watch a DVD on H.H. Holmes.

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carmen said...

Oh how I don't miss those days. My son even did it when he was in kindergarden. THank God he's 10 now and can hold it a little longer, but we have cut it close at times.