Monday, February 13, 2006


This woman should not operate wood stove. I noticed that a burning log had fallen against the glass, so I opened the door a crack to push it back and a lump of burning wood (with flameage!) fell out onto the hearth... so I shove the log back and shovel the fire on the hearth back into the stove. Then when I turned the blower back on, sparks started shooting out and blowing around the living room! AAA! Guess I must have over filled the stove and sparks got sucked into the fan...
Again this week I only have one day (Tuesday) that I don't have somewhere to be. Funny coincidence that it's Valentines Day... I've really got to stop over-committing... it leaves me so fried at the end of the week.
I did go to the gym today for some more circuit training. There were a couple of exercises that I couldn't even do and she had to help me. I'm a wuss, yay!

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