Friday, February 24, 2006

Bend Over!

We had to take The 'Bean (minivan) in to get checked out, because the power steering was making a weird noise and vibration, particularly when cold. Plus, we had new tires put on recently so it also needed an alignment. The dude at the dealer said it would probably be around $400. Well, he called later to tell us that we also needed new front brakes, and the entire power steering setup needed to be replaced, to the tune of about a grand. Here's how it breaks down: $240 for parts and (get ready) $788 for labor. (ahh, the pain! The pain!) Hubby and I agree, we are in the wrong business.

In Other News:
Potty training has officially begun (such as it is). No more diapers or pull ups (except at night), on to training pants. She seems to alternate between hating wet training pants and not minding it in the least. And of course, she only has to pee when the nearest adult is in the middle of something, such as a baby's diaper or on the phone. I fully expect that once she starts going on the potty, she's going to be one of those kids that 'has to go' every five minutes.

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