Thursday, January 26, 2006

Poor Little Dude

Keelan is having a rough time with his top teeth coming in. He was so miserable today... he's biting everything... (except the ole boobs, thankfully) he doesn't like teethers, doesn't want a cold washcloth to chew. The only thing he wants is to chew on his stuffed toys, or me if he can. I do try to redirect him when he tries to bite me, but he tries every time I pick him up. We were sitting on the floor playing this afternoon and he leaned over and tried to bite my leg. Ibuprofen and Hylands Teething Tabs are the only things that seem to help him. He hasn't been sleeping well the past couple of nights, either.
I've been really out of sorts lately... I've been so busy with Coralie's activities that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I know it will just get worse when she starts preschool. (Yet another thing I've got to worry about, time to start shopping preschools! eee!) Hubby went to the dentist today, needs some more dental work done. The man has teeth like butter, so it seems like every time he goes for a cleaning he needs something else. Now he needs some sealants put in on one tooth and probably a crown on another that he's worn flat.
Nasty rainy weather today... it's a good day to run the wood stove.
Still haven't heard from the pediatrician on Keelan's x-ray...

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