Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Want to Relax!

Ugh! It sure feels like we've been running around a lot lately. I hope when Coralie is out of school, there will be less stuff going on. At least it won't be school related.

I went to the nursery yesterday and got a few things for the yard... I am so tired of seeing nothing but foliage and mud, so I got some flowers. Some snapdragons, and some penstemon and creeping jenny for the gap between the fence and the retaining wall. I also got a hardy fuchsia. I am still grieving the loss of my honeysuckle, and haven't yet built up the courage to cut the dead plant down. Besides, I can't move the blueberries there until they go dormant anyway.

Visited my mom today. It was a good visit... as good as it can be, anyway. She's so puffy from the steroids, and still bald from the chemo. She looks like a Podling. She has some joke glasses that are round with very thick magnifying glass lenses... she put them on and exclaimed, 'I look like Magoo!' We had a good laugh. She's going to give me her sewing machine, which is a very nice one, a Viking, I think. A lot of her fabric stash will also come to me. I am excited about it, but also sad that she's lost the ability to do something she really loved. I hope I can improve my own sewing skills, and honor her decision to let me have these things.

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