Friday, January 7, 2011

There Should Be a Title Here, But I Can't Think of One

We love Spotted Towhees...

This is a new visitor for us, a Varied Thrush! Picture doesn't do it justice... it's really a bright orange and the size of a Blue Jay.
Otherwise, I'm just sort of waiting for the fit to hit the shan, as it were... son's fever finally broke, but he's still weak and hacking and wheezing. Yesterday, he seemed to be doing fairly well... we walked to the school to pick up his sister (I thought getting out and moving around might help loosen up his cough), but he disappeared immediately after dinner. I discovered he'd gone to bed, at 5:30 PM. I turned the humidifier on, and plugged in the Vicks thingy... He coughed and coughed and didn't really sleep, until about 9:30, when I finally decided that it was stupid to let it continue and I gave him half a dose of night-time cough medicine. Zonk! Out like a light and slept until 10 AM. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Coralie awoke with a fever this morning. She was so mad at me for making her stay home from school. I would love it if it were some kind of fluke, and she didn't get sick like Keelan (please, please, please). But I suppose I should prepare for the worst... LET THE FUN BEGIN.


Anonymous said...

So sorry that K is still sick and that C has the crud now. Not fair!

A varied thrush! You solved the mystery. We have a group of them living up on the berm right now, eating old crabapples and stuff. I had never seen them before this year so didn't know what they were. Thank you.

haggardmom said...

According to my bird book, they usually reside in conifer forests, but come down in winter when food is scarce. Must be *really* scarce this year, because I have never seen them here either! A pair of mourning doves came to feed in our yard yesterday, also a first. I hear them around, but they've never come into our yard before.