Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Get Sick... Or Not to Get Sick...

In a real bit of bad timing, The Husband and I seem to have caught colds at the same time. He even took a sick day today, although he said it was more of a 'mental health day'... I felt pretty crappy earlier, and once he was up and moving in the afternoon, I went to bed. And took a looong nap. I actually felt quite a bit better afterward, which made me wonder how much of my symptoms were actually from lack of sleep... At any rate, the kids are at their grandparent's house tonight, and are attending a birthday party tomorrow, so we're getting a break. We went out for a late dinner and a trip to Everyday Music for some retail therapy.
It's also become apparent that I did something out of form at the gym yesterday, because my knee is hurting really bad today. Advil and ice only made a little dent. :-( Might not be able to do my yoga/pilates for a few days.

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