Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, Hello There Blog!

Yes, I have been absent from here for awhile. Mostly because I'm easily distracted, especially when I'm busy.

I've been watching series 1 of 'Lie to Me'. I'm really enjoying it.

I've been anxiously willing my tomatoes to ripen. I have a lot of volunteer tomatoes in the garden bed, which are fruiting more than my intentionally planted ones. It looks like the currant tomatoes are going to go first. I saw a few yellow ones out there today.
I'm continually frustrated by this years gardening, but I'm cautiously optimistic about next year. I'm hopeful that the things that I planted this year that are struggling will come back stronger next year.
I got a pretty good yield of potatoes. All my peppers are still green, one is contemplating yellow, but is still not fully committed.

Kids are going to church camp at my in-law's church this week. Their church has about a gazillion members. Picking up the kids today... was a FREAKING ZOO. It didn't seem well planned at all... but with that many people, there's probably no good solution. I'm contemplating telling The Husband he has to do it.

Bought some new curtains for the living room. (Exciting news, I know) The other curtains were very heavy. It was ok when the room was white, but since it's been painted I've been thinking we needed some lighter curtains. I ended up getting some off-white sateen curtains with a medium brown vertical dotted stripe pattern. They are lined but not blackout. It looks nice.

I've discovered Pandora. Quite possibly the best modern music related invention ever.

It's 90 degrees and cloudy right now. Yuck. Not a dry heat, at all. :-(

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