Thursday, May 6, 2010


Had a visit to the chiropractor today... she thinks I have chondromalacia in both knees. :-/ Fortunately, there are some exercises I can do to alleviate it, so I'll talk to the trainer about it at the gym next week.

Speaking of the gym, my trainer has asked me to forgo grain carbs after 4 PM to try to help reduce my, uh, puffy middle. Now ultra focused on all grain based dinner accompaniments.

I made stew for dinner. The kids ate approximately one bite each.

Bosco is still with the vet... I meant to call and check on him today, but I got sidetracked. I know they would have called if something was up... but it's weird not having him around, in all his irritable, annoying, hand biting glory.

Planted some snapdragons this week, for Coralie. The blooms aren't open yet. I planted my cucumber start out in the garden this week. Hoping to be able to do the tomatoes soon, but it's still too cold at night, I think. Potatoes are coming up, thankfully. (Boo, hiss to animals who filled in my holes!)

Our Apple snails (Mystery snails) laid eggs a while ago, so The Husband and I have been watching impatiently to see what happens. Apple snails are one of the few that have separate genders, so you actually have to have a boy and a girl to get babies. Well, as luck would have it, the randomly chosen two that we got were male and female. 'Tom & Jerry' turned out to be 'Tom & Jeri'. It has been interesting to watch... they lay their eggs above the water line. And now that the deed is done, Tom's a bit of a mooch. He climbs on top of Jeri's shell and rides around.

And now, I will take some Excedrin for my knee pains and woman pains and watch me some TV.

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