Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goings on...

I spend a lot of time grumbling, to myself and others, about the state of the garden. I have a lot of frustrations this year. So I decided to make a point of documenting a few things that are happy and happening right now:

Pansies (we'll just ignore the fact that the slugs are eating them):

Peony about to bloom (this plant has never bloomed, and so I don't have any idea what color it is.)

Coral Bells about to bloom:
So it's not all bad! I just need to keep telling myself that... over... and over... and over....

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parsley said...

This period of time in the garden is hard. There's a lot of anticipation and new things popping up, but everything is fragile.

A month from now, the plants will have a different vigor, and you'll be able to tell if something is doing well or not. Right now, we just hold our breath.