Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's been one of Those Weeks... :-/
Keelan doesn't want to go to school. Coralie doesn't want to do her homework. The new fish tank is suffering a bad algae bloom and plants are dying. I'm tired. Coralie had an award ceremony for Girl Scouts on the same day that I had an extra church meeting. Then the next day I had a doctors appointment. Which leads me to...

Male doctors should be ugly.
I had an appointment with a new ENT for my recent vertigo attack. Here's the problem: he was tall, and very good looking. And only about 35 (if even). Excellent bedside manner, too. So one of the tests is a maneuver where you have to lay down very fast on the exam table to try to trigger dizziness while the Dr. watches for abnormal eye movements. So, this involves the doctor staring at the patient while the patient stares at the doctor. While this is happening, I'm thinking 'I am married. I do not want to be staring intently at a good looking man (well, maybe I do, but I probably shouldn't). This is very awkward.' And then I started giggling like an idiot. It was then that I decided that there should be an ugliness requirement. Fortunately, I came away with sort of a non-diagnosis (might be Meniere's, might be a virus. Might not.) and a 'Come back if it happens again'. Oh, and the real bummer: 'watch your sodium, and only 1 cup of coffee a day' (NOOOOOOO!) So I'm not going to be going back often.

I'll be suffering the familial requirements of Easter this weekend... church, spending half a day with my husbands family, more church. And let's not forget having to make salad for 20 and having to deal with sugar-fueled kids. :-(

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growingcurious said...

I had a really funny (wry), handsome male doctor who often had to put his hand up my bottom and watch me poop. So I understand. :)

Care to journey into the land of dandelion/chicory coffee with me?

Hope you get some good rest whenever you can sneak it in.