Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All the Fun of Being Drunk, Without the Alcohol

I've been suffering the absolute worst attack of vertigo ever, for the past two days. I spent all of yesterday dizzy and nauseous, with tinnitus and a headache. And spent a lot of time horizontal. Walking to get Coralie from school yesterday was awful... my vision bounced when I stepped too hard and I felt like throwing up. Today, I had The Husband drive me to run a couple of errands, and it was ok. Still dizzy with too much getting up and down.
Called the ENT, they can't get me in until the 31st. I was really hoping they could get me in during an attack, but no. And if this one lasts all the way until then, I'm going to need to be committed.

We bought a couple of Mystery Snails (where's the mystery? I don't know...) for our big tank, but I ended up having to take them out. We have discovered that Harry wants to eat anything smaller than a fist, so every time the snails would start to come out of their shells, he would try to eat them. So they're temporarily living in Coralie's tiny tank with her fish. At least they can cruise around in peace.

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