Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yay, Sun!

I was happy to see the sun today, despite a rather cold wind that came with it.

Yesterday was a fairly productive day... I finally turned the compost (something I've been procrastinating on for eons). I actually had enough compost at the bottom of the bin to spread on the garden. First I loosened the soil with a shovel, as it was pretty compacted. The kids helped me move the compost and spread it, and Coralie helped rake it in. She was very enthusiastic. While I was turning the unfinished compost, I picked out some of the soldier fly pupa that were in the bin (ohh, how they creep me out...) and put them in the bird feeder. It sure felt good to get that done.

Today, my husband helped me remove the remainder of the interior fence, and *finally* get the debris from our rhododendron removal out of the yard. The plants are going to be happy to see some more sun.

All 5 of my tomato seeds sprouted, and so far one millet. Pretty soon I should be able to plant the peas and lettuce outside. My peony (that never flowers but has lovely leaves) is coming up, along with my little hosta. I have a grand experiment going, with a branch that I cut off my tree peony that I stuck in the ground just to see if it would grow. I also saved some seed pods from last year's flowers, so I might try that too.

I've been watching our new fish friends... Harry definitely wears the pants, and spends a lot of time chasing Gilbert. Sticker, the plecostamus who was alone in the tank for soooo long, has shown himself to be a territorial fellow and doesn't like either of them. So far, there have been no injuries. :-)

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