Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Friends

This is Sticker... he's not new:

He has been the solitary occupant of our 55 gallon tank for at least a year. Well, except for Mr. Loach, who only allows himself to be viewed by humans approximately once per year. Usually by accident.
So, we've been planning for some time to add some new (and more interesting) tank dwellers. First we thought about Angel fish, but we've had those before, so hubby wanted Silver Dollars. Unfortunately, our favorite fish store (wittily named, The Wet Spot) didn't have any small Silver Dollars, only the very large (and $20 apiece) Silver Dollars. So the very nice and heavily cologned young man at the store suggested that we might like Green Severums. So, that's what we have here:
This is Gilbert. Harry is hiding in the back. Harry is very shy (ironically, also the larger of the two).
This is our first foray into owning Cichlids. We've talked about doing this before, but were never really in a position to have a Cichlid-only tank.
So now our aquatic family member are: Ned, Gary, Steve, SpongeBob, Freckles, Gilbert, Harry, Sticker, and Mr. Loach. All named by Coralie except for Mr. Loach and Ned. :-)

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