Monday, January 11, 2010

Crime of the Century

It's clipping and scrubbing my daughters black fingernails, apparently. Who knew that this could trigger 15 minutes of crying?

Oh Lord, what's the world coming to? No, wait, don't answer that...

Been up since 3 am (that Aunt Flo, she's an early riser). Without going into too many unwanted details, suffice to say that this cycle has been the worst. Ever. Impossibly intense food cravings? CHECK. Sleeping in a sports bra? CHECK. Generating extra laundry? CHECK. Finding my husband absolutely impossible? CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK.
It's just like being pregnant, except at the end, instead of a baby, I'm rewarded with AUNT FLO.

This is really a bummer. :-(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I empathize. Not fair!

(Is Coralie expressing the primal scream that needs to come out of you?) :)