Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Bits

I made a loaf of bread last night. It was supposed to be sweet potato bread, but I discovered too late that my sweet potato was rotten. I already had the bread maker out and was set on making that bread, so I used a really tiny winter squash instead. Turned out fine.
I've been resisting a bad hankering to do more baking.

Made a batch of chili for a family that recently welcomed a new addition. Could have made corn bread, but didn't really feel like it, so they're getting a bag of tortilla chips. :-)

The tree people are coming tomorrow to work on our fir tree, and buzz down our sad looking juniper, which peeled like a banana after the last winter storm. Before pictures:

Wednesday is my busy day, especially now with the tree work going on this week. And what a giant wallet-suck that turned out to be, yikes! Still, this needs to be done. The fir needs to be cabled, since the trunk splits into two trunks halfway up the tree and one side is weak. Don't really want it to someday fall on the house.

I was super extra crabby yesterday (sorry kids!) but am feeling better today. Forgot to take my supplements. Oh well.

Off to check the DVR and possibly watch another episode of 'Wire in the Blood'...

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